Learn about Physical Literacy:

What it means to be a Physical Literacy Champion

Our vision is that children in Peel will develop physical literacy skills to promote healthy growth and development and be physically active.

We do this with help from our amazing Champions and Mentors.

Our Champions:

Trained 770 educators

From 2015-2020, the Physical Literacy Champions’ Network trained 770 educators during in-person workshops hosted by Peel Public Health.

700 webinar attendees

700 educators in Peel have completed a physical literacy webinar hosted by CDRCP.

60 Licensed Child Care Centres

Our Champions come from 60 Licensed Child Care Centres (centres and home-based); 9 Early ON Centres as well as the YMCA and PLASP (Peel Lunch and After School Program), the Peel District School Board and Sheridan College.

What is the Physical Literacy Champions’ Network?

The Physical Literacy Champions’ Network (PLCN) was developed to create a sustainable network of champions to promote physical activity (PA) and physical literacy (PL) in the early years community in Peel.

It is a collaborative initiative whose key partners include Child Development Resource Connection Peel (CDRCP) and the Region of Peel: Public Health, Early Years and Child Care Services, and Community Partnerships.

The network is made up of ambassadors who promote physical literacy by enabling children in their early years settings to develop fundamental movement skills, competence and confidence through a variety of experiences.

The PLCN continues to grow in membership, community engagement and enthusiasm.

Our 160+ Champions Have Reported Elevated:

Knowledge & Skills



Change In Practice

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There are two distinct groups within the Physical Literacy Champions’ Network:

1. The Physical Literacy Champions and;
2. The PLCN Planning Group.

Physical Literacy Champions:


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Member Responsibilities

Physical Literacy Champions will:

  1. Participate in at least three professional learning opportunities (e.g., development of content for the PLCN Facebook group, completion of webinars/training workshops, creation of activities or resources) or networking sessions during the year;
  2. Promote fundamental movement skills and active play in their programs;
  3. Mentor colleagues in physical literacy; and
  4. Support the PLCN through participation on working groups based on interests and availability.


  1. Commit to a two-year term on the planning group;
  2. Provide a consistent delegate in their absence to ensure representation from each community partner;
  3. Oversee the planning of network meetings;
  4. Mentor champions;
  5. Provide or support educational workshops;
  6. Source, share and develop physical literacy and physical activity resources;
  7. Monitor the PLCN Facebook group and emails; and
  8. Lead working groups, as required.

What Our Physical Literacy
Champions Receive

If you are interested in becoming a Champion or simply wish to reach out to the team, please click Join Now.