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Who We Serve

Over the last ten years, Canadian researchers have consistently found that a majority of our children are not getting sufficient physical activity; and about two-thirds lack a basic level of physical literacy – the fundamental movement skills, competence and confidence to allow them to engage in a variety of physical activities. At Play in Peel, we want to address this crisis of inactivity and skill deficiency by improving children’s physical literacy.

Physical literacy is the gateway to physical activity and provides significant benefits such as improved physical and emotional wellbeing, cognitive performance, and overall good health. It provides the building blocks required to participate in physical activities across the lifespan.

Our Team at Play in Peel strives to:

Early Childhood Educators and Early Years Educators

Helping you create a culture of physical literacy and active play in your early learning environments, so that children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development is nurtured.


Helping you create a culture of physical literacy in your classrooms, gymnasiums and learning environments, so your students develop mental health and well-being, physical and health literacy, and the comprehension, capacity, and commitment required to lead healthy, active lives

Physical Literacy is inclusive - two children playing basketball in wheelchairs

Recreation Leaders

Helping you create a culture of physical literacy in your sports and recreation programs, so residents can be healthy and active throughout their lives

Physical Literacy Champions’ Network

Helping you increase your knowledge and skills so you may create a culture of physical literacy and mentor colleagues in your early years environments to ensure young children develop fundamental movement skills through adult-led and free active play

Parents and Caregivers

Helping you support the development of your child's physical literacy, providing you with the resources you need and encouraging you to be active with your family every day


Helping you learn about physical literacy, welcoming you and your children to access the quality recreation and physical activity opportunities in your community, and encouraging you to be active every day